We bundle expertise and strive for success every day.

We plan on becoming the best online aggregator for fashion and lifestyle goods.

You’ve build an amazing brand and want to expand it's online and offline brand appearance? You want to address different target groups and you want to achieve the greatest possible outreach? But you don't have the capacity, time or knowledge to do so. Don’t worry: that's exactly what we are here for - happy to help you out!

What we have to offer? We know wholesale, marketplaces, consulting and fulfillment by heart and you can benefit from our wide expertise!

Why us?


Step 1

Get in touch and become an official partner of P4Markets

Step 2

Copy & paste your product data into our template file - FAST AND EASY!

Step 3

Deliver media data - need help? - WE ARE HERE!

Step 4

We take care of the channel contacts and article onboarding

Step 5

Ship your articles - THAT’S IT!

Step 6

Sell and receive your money

Our Process

You are a brand owner and want to reach out to different target groups by selling your brand online?
You don´t have capacities and miss knowledge?

We are an innovative, perfect matching team of e-Commerce experts and fashion & lifestyle specialists.
Our network of experts is waiting for you. We offer custom made solutions in order to filter the perfect platforms for your business development.

Extensive expertise
for all your needs.

Marketplace Fullservice

Marketplace Connection
Integration & Management
Customer Service
Marketplace Marketing


Brand Consulting
Sales Management
Brand Development
Tradeshow Appearance
Showroom Presentation


B2B & B2C Services
Inbound & Outbound
Customs Regulations
Stock Management
Return Management
Reports & Storage

Latest Success Stories

"Our goal was clear: to enhance their sales performance and elevate their live status on Otto. To achieve this, we embarked on a comprehensive channel optimization with Tradebyte, a process that required careful planning, strategic execution and tireless dedication." - P4M for Cats Collection

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"P4 is focused on success and on making the brand and the corresponding products as strong as possible in order to then participate in the success. In contrast to other marketplace service providers who finance themselves through fees and also want to earn from returns, for example." - DJINN'S

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"The way of cooperation and communication with P4Markets is particularly noteworthy. The direct contacts maintain an extremely friendly and personal communication at eye level and help with concerns and questions of all kinds." - elho

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"It’s a very personal and friendly relationship with P4M. They provide excellent service and have very strong connections in the right places!" - Moda Minx

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Right from the beginning we are focussing on sustainable ideas. Bringing our extensive knowledge about fairtrade and sustainable issues to life. We call it the „way to reward“. We know exactly what GOTS or FAIRTRADE means. Talking about zero emissions, recycling, sustainability certificates, climate issues, working conditions or materials is not new – it´s our daily business.


"P4Markets is an amazing strategic partner for us and our launch on different marketplaces. They make our vision tangible and put us online almost over night.“ 

Jochen Smuda



"P4Markets have been pivotal in our European expansion. They are experts in their field and are a pleasure to work with."

Pranav Shah

Sales Manager


"It is a real pleasure to work with P4Markets. Their dedication, commitment, and professionalism to develop the online marketplace in Europe has been beneficial for both parties."

Petros Lympertas

International Sales Manager

Mexx Fasion

"P4Markets is a reliable and competent partner that enabled us to enter the platform business easily and particularly quickly. Remarkable are the direct and solution-oriented exchange as well as the extraordinary helpfulness with concerns of all kinds.
The entire process to achieve our project goal was thus optimally and transparently supported."

Martin Hautzel



More Questions?

What kind of brands will we take on board?

Our core competence are fashion and lifestyle brands. However – there are no boarders as long as brands are ethically and morally defensible.

What platforms do we approach?

We cooperate with the top notch marketplaces. International and local. Zalando - About You - Breuninger - Afound - Otto - Van Graaf - Decathlon - My Toys - Amazon - Babymarkt - and many more.

Which countries do serve?  

Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Belgium - Czech Republic - Denmark - Finland - France - Italy - Netherlands - Poland - Spain - Sweden - Slovakia - Slovenia - Croatia - Latvia - Lithuania - Estonia - Ireland.

How long is the onboarding process?

It´s all about data. In a perfect world it takes around 2 weeks.

How does the billing process work?

Easy does it – we receive an invoice – you get paid. No hidden costs.

Let's talk! 

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