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Moda Minx are ultimate trendsetters! They are the go-to brand for standing out from the crowd. The 2015 founded brand is focusing on designing and producing distinctive swimwear and beachwear. Influenced by the glamour of catwalks combined with thoughtful prints that are designed in house, they make an unforgettable appearance. In 2021, the first contact with P4Markets was established.

Key Figures

176 %

sales increase

~ 320

selling items



The Beginnings

Since 2021, P4Markets has been selling Moda Minx items on all relevant online marketplaces. Through our excellent network in the UK, the contact to the brand Moda Minx was established and the success story took its course. The brand particularly liked that we have the same will to push the brand as they do as brand owners.

Just like P4Markets, Moda Minx is a fast growing company and continues to thrive. The goal was and is to steadily expand this growth by connecting to the online marketplaces and conquering the global market. 

P4Markets is constantly monitoring the sales and demand of the Moda Minx pieces and wants to actively support the brand in this goal.

You want to know how we help the brand to achieve its goal by connecting to an online marketplace more detailed?

Moda Minx is already a strong brand in the UK with a high visibility. We saw great potential in it for the European market and, with our distinctive Zalando sensibility, scaled the brand properly. 

P4Markets has carried out an analysis of the European market for Moda Minx goods and identified the top sellers and the right channels, so that the demand for the articles can be optimally controlled. 

This is possible because of the close and constant exchange between P4Markets and Moda Minx and the trust the brand has in us. Especially for the 2023 season we implemented big goals for the cooperation. In April 2023 Moda Minx launched new items and with that wants to make sure that every woman can get her own exclusive ‘it pieces’. From their point of view, the greatest added value of the collaboration lies in this: "Selling on great platforms without a product is as good as a product without great platforms to sell on - P4 has the platforms, we have the products. I rest my case!"

The Story

Success Statement

It’s a very personal and friendly relationship with P4M. They provide excellent service and have very strong connections in the right places! - Moda Minx

The Results

So far, we have connected Moda Minx beachwear to our online marketplaces. In 2021 we started with about 50 items, almost 2 years later there are more than 400 items. This shows how successful the connection to the online marketplaces through P4Markets was. 

In the next step, we have targeted an expansion of the product categories together with Moda Minx. Eyewear and shoes will be added to our range in the near future. This would allow us to link the brand's articles in new categories, which are increasingly becoming the focus of online marketplaces. 

Of course we will carry on with presenting the swimwear in the best possible way, especially in view of upcoming summer seasons.

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