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Cats Collection


Our client Cats Collection is a classic merchandise retailer that has been selling its brands via various online marketplaces since 2011, using Tradebyte as an integrator. Their product range primarily includes comforters, sheets and carpets. Due to the lack of Live ratio and low sales on Otto, the customer asked us for support. This turned into a true success story within 14 days.

Key Figures


increase in turnover


increase in sellable items


reduction of data errors

The Beginnings

Our journey with Cats Collection began at the ECD 2023 event in Munich. It was a casual meet and greet that led to an in-depth conversation that evening. This initial interaction served as the foundation for a promising partnership that would soon develop.

During this insightful conversation, it became evident that Cats Collection was seeking a dedicated partner to address a critical aspect of their e-commerce venture: marketplace onboarding. The challenges they faced were immediately apparent – underwhelming sales performance and a notably low live presence on Otto, one of the most influential e-commerce platforms in Germany. Recognizing the need for a transformation, Cats Collection swiftly sought our expertise and assistance. In the days following our initial conversation, a follow-up appointment was scheduled, which underpin our shared dedication to improving Cats Collection's prospects in the online marketplace.

As a first step, the customer entrusted us with the pivotal task of revitalizing their presence on the Otto platform, which held immense potential. Our goal was clear: to enhance their sales performance and elevate their live status on Otto. To achieve this, we embarked on a comprehensive channel optimization with Tradebyte, a process that required careful planning, strategic execution and tireless dedication.

In a remarkable turnaround, Cats Collection achieved extraordinary results within just two weeks of strategic collaboration. Our dedication to optimizing their online presence and sales performance made impressive statistics:

First and foremost, their export ratio climbed up to an astounding 99.78%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our efforts in getting their products ready for the market. Nearly as impressive was the live ratio, which reached a remarkable 97.67%, indicating that the majority of their products were successfully listed and available for customers on the platform.

Perhaps the most striking achievement was the 84% increase in sellable items. This tremendous growth not only expanded their product range but also provided customers with a more extensive selection of high-quality products.

Furthermore, the efforts to enhance their online visibility and usability rose as well. There was a notable 58% increase in product page visits, reflecting the increased customer interest and engagement with their offerings. This is a clear indication of the improved appeal and relevance of Cats Collection's products in the online market.

Equally important was the significant 79% reduction in product data errors, showcasing a higher level of accuracy and reliability in their listings. This reduction in errors ensures a smoother shopping experience for customers, increasing trust and satisfaction.

Last but not least, the most compelling outcome was the 100% increase in turnover within just two weeks. This astonishing growth in revenue demonstrates the tangible impact of their strategic partnership, highlighting a rapid return on their investment and the effectiveness of their joint efforts.

These results not only underscore the success of their initial collaboration but also set the stage for even greater accomplishments in the future. Cats Collection's remarkable journey towards success serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved when a focused strategy and dedicated teamwork align to drive positive change in the online marketplace business.

Because we have already sold as an aggregator on the marketplaces ourselves and also have a lot of Tradebyte expertise in our ranks, we know the challenges of our customer very well! This perspective allows us to make targeted moves and adjustments to successfully place items of any kind in the shortest possible time.

The Story

Success Statement

"Our goal was clear: to enhance their sales performance and elevate their live status on Otto. To achieve this, we embarked on a comprehensive channel optimization with Tradebyte, a process that required careful planning, strategic execution and tireless dedication." - P4M for Cats Collection

The Results

After achieving these remarkable results within a mere two-week timeframe, Cats Collection has placed its full trust in us to take charge of their channel management.

We are ready to exploit the huge potential of Limango, whose customer base is highly interesting for Cats Collection as well. As we dive into this collaboration, our strategic planning is both extensive and painstaking. We are in the process of creating a broad roadmap that is specifically tailored to Cats Collection's unique needs. This roadmap will serve as our strategic guidepost, pointing the way to continued success in the online marketplace world.

Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond just strategy and planning. We are deeply involved in the practical implementation of further integrations, ensuring that Cats Collection's products seamlessly and effectively reach their target audience across multiple platforms. These integrations are designed to expand their market reach.

We also aim to optimize their internal processes, leveraging the lessons and experiences gained from our prior successes in the competitive Otto marketplace. By fine-tuning these internal processes, we are not only enhancing their operational efficiency but also empowering Cats Collection to be more agile and responsive in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Most importantly, we have our sights set on a key event: the upcoming Cyber Week 2023. To make this a smashing success, we are formulating a series of strategic marketplace initiatives. These initiatives will not only solidify Cats Collection's position in the marketplace, but also ensure a robust presence during one of the most critical periods in the e-commerce calendar.

The incredible success figures achieved in such a short time have indeed been a source of great satisfaction and motivation for us. The dynamic generated by these results drives us forward with an unwavering commitment to the future. We look forward to the opportunity to replicate this success on the next channels and are excited about the journey ahead as we continue to take Cats Collection to greater heights in the world of e-commerce.

Cats Collection

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