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The brand elho was founded in 1948 in Munich and is still one of the most popular brands when it comes to skiwear. The original product was a pair of elastic ski pants, from which elho has evolved into a brand with a wide range of sportswear. Elho has collections for sports enthusiasts from a variety of disciplines: hiking, surfing, sailing, beach, tennis, golf and horseback riding. Elho is known for novel cuts, materials and designs in the sports and fashion world. After disappearing from the market around the 2000s, elho finally returns in 2020 and thanks to P4Markets, the brand is now present on well-known online marketplaces.

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The Beginnings

The collaboration with the brand starts in fall 2022. Elho approached us because they would like to place their outdoor sportswear, which is very suitable for the winter season, on all relevant online marketplaces.

"To increase our marketplace presence and reach in online retail and thus build a larger customer base, we needed a competent partner." - elho

To implement such a complex and time-consuming project, we have the appropriate resources and stand out in particular for the required expertise. The brand thus saved resources and knew its project was in professional hands.

As a sports lifestyle brand, elho fits perfectly into our product range and we were able to optimally connect it to strategically useful marketplaces for its target group. We offered elho an uncomplicated and timely placement on various online marketplaces, which increased the customer reach enormously. The process for implementing our project was structured and adapted to elho's needs. The joint and particularly solution-oriented cooperation paved the way to the goal. In order to connect the brand to the various channels for the winter season, we prepared all the data in a very short time, according to the requirements of the marketplaces. From mapping, to product descriptions, to image optimization and more.

The Story

Success Statement

"The way of cooperation and communication with P4Markets is particularly noteworthy. The direct contacts maintain an extremely friendly and personal communication at eye level and help with concerns and questions of all kinds."

The Results

We were able to successfully implement elho's wish to appear on the online marketplaces in the winter season of 2022 within a short period of time. Elho is now connected to the online marketplaces Zalando, About You, Decathlon and Otto, among others.  In doing so, we did not spare any effort, neither in the quality of the data nor in the live connection. This way, the brand did not have to miss out on sales. The goal of further approach is to increase brand awareness on the online marketplaces and to present elho optimally to the target group. The online presence on corresponding marketplaces is the most important tool to increase the customer base. In this way, elho will be successfully present on online marketplaces in the long term.

"P4Markets is a reliable and competent partner that enabled us to enter the platform business easily and particularly quickly. Remarkable are the direct and solution-oriented exchange as well as the extraordinary helpfulness with concerns of all kinds. The entire process to achieve our project goal was thus optimally and transparently supported."

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