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DJINN'S Headwear


The German brand DJINN'S was founded in 2001 by Jens Huesken. His vision is to combine the rebellious vitality of skate, surf, street art and music culture with an innovative appreciation of classic footwear and headwear. The core idea of DJINN'S HEADWEAR is to have a perfect fit in different shapes. Logo and labeling hardly change, but the caps are always made of special materials. Such as woven patterns, allover prints, stamping and different kinds of fabrics or materials. DJINN'S and P4Markets have been partners since 2021, and the success on the online marketplaces in the last two years is impressive.

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The Beginnings

According to its own statements, DJINN'S HEADWEAR has developed into an established cap brand over a few roundabouts. DJINN'S wants to be an alternative to fan, merchandise or team caps, for those who simply want to wear a good, high-quality cap without having to make a direct statement. 

Then, after a few unsuccessful attempts at selling on online marketplaces, the brand turned to P4Markets in 2021. The game changer? We were willing to take some of the business risk ourselves, and that made the crucial difference from the other sellers before. Because we buy the goods and don't work exclusively with a commission model like other service providers. By bearing part of the risk ourselves, it is extremely important for us to successfully place the brands on online marketplaces such as Zalando and others. Our motto is: If you're successful, we are too!

Since the beginning of the cooperation, sales and reordering of articles are discussed in regular meetings. This way the team keeps track and knows the current status of its own brand at any time. Besides the connection to the online marketplace giant Zalando, P4Markets has connected DJINN'S articles to other marketplaces and different channels to find out where the articles sell best. This analysis has continued to this day. We continuously check if the brand is still connected to the right channels, how we can further increase sales and in which direction we want to go together. By selling through P4Markets, DJINN'S gains enormously in online presence due to the reach and awareness.

The brand sees the biggest advantage in the fact that we take over the goods directly and there are no further labor-intensive settlements afterwards. DJINN'S is happy about the fast and visible success their brand is experiencing on online marketplaces thanks to P4Markets' determination. And from our point of view, the collaboration with DJINN'S is also a great added value, as the brand has a great sense of responsibility.  Both the manufacturing conditions and the profits are considered from an ethical point of view, thus managing a healthy brand that we are happy to put in the spotlight on online marketplaces. In addition, thanks to the close exchange, quick and flexible solutions for adjustments can be implemented.

The Story

Success Statement

"P4 is focused on success and on making the brand and the corresponding products as strong as possible in order to then participate in the success. In contrast to other marketplace service providers who finance themselves through fees and also want to earn from returns, for example." - Jens Hueksen

The Results

DJINN'S was on the verge of turning its back on the marketplace business at the beginning of the cooperation. But thanks to a final attempt with the help of P4Markets, the brand is now connected to many online marketplaces and has been able to significantly increase its sales figures. The successful connection of the DJINN'S HEADWEAR brand leads to the fact that they want to expand the assortment at P4Markets and would like to market more brands from their portfolio through us in the near future.

A win-win situation after all!

DJINN'S Headwear

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