Corporate culture in an online marketplace business

"Corporate culture" is more than just a term. We are professionals in online marketplace and online distribution. Our motto: Enabling brands to sell their products on marketplaces easily. But that is by far not all that distinguishes us. In addition to years of expertise, we bring one thing above all: a strong corporate culture.

January 6, 2023


Corporate culture in an online marketplace business

P4Markets and its Corporate Culture

Alongside a few other catchwords such as home office or work-life balance, corporate culture is also one of the highlights of today's working world.

Nevertheless, many companies use this buzzword to appear attractive to the outside world, but rarely establish a culture within the company that they can live up to.

P4Markets is an online distributor for online marketplaces like Zalando or About You and with our doing we have a very exceptional standing in the industry (e-commerce) we are working in. Not only do we cover several industries and activities, but we are also a young start up with intensive growth. Accordingly, our corporate culture is unique and is only just beginning to emerge.

Corporate culture establishes the unique character of a company and influences the thinking, actions and decisions of employees. It includes management strategies, employee communication, work environment, and attitude. It is especially important since it describes the conditions under which employees conduct their work and is therefore crucial for the success of the company.

When we asked ourselves what actually makes us different and what the core of our corporate culture is, it quickly became clear that, without consciously wanting to do so, we are in the process of building a culture that is characterized by a passion for the online marketplace business.

In fact, this is what brings us together, promotes exchange, allows great goals to emerge and brings our unique team spirit to light.
This passion leads to an exchange at eye level, to the willingness to help each other and to overcome setbacks together.

Strong ties within a team create an (almost) tension-free workplace, which obviously offers a variety of advantages. It has been shown that a happy and great workplace comes with better physical & mental wellbeing of all employees. Creating a friendly and supportive environment, strengthens the employees sense of belonging and increases their performance. A strong team consists of goal-oriented individuals that follow (shared) goals in order to push the company forward. For example, at P4Markets, the online marketplace expert, there are virtually no hierarchies. We have great leaders who trust their employees and work with us to achieve our goals. There are no closed office doors and instead of pressure, there is a lot of exchange of ideas and inspiration.

6 characteristics that make our great corporate culture stand out

Corporate Culture is important for us and lived by all of us every day. Find out what makes our culture stand out and how we implement it into everyday business. ⬇

1. Shared goals

Our mission: with more than 20 years of experience in e-Commerce and a huge network we want to enable brands their way onto marketplaces. We create custom made solutions in order to find the perfect platforms for every individual business. We are a successful marketplace business that professionally takes care of the marketplace integration at Zalando and Co.


2. Teamwork

We are a very dedicated, colorful Team of creative minds with the drive to break new ground. We are online marketplace experts and fashion & lifestyle specialists.

Our transparent work structures and low hierarchies provide the perfect base for thinking new ways and to constant development.

What can't be missing? The fun 🎉
We also attach great importance to team building and for this reason we use every occasion to celebrate together.

For example, at our last X-Mas party in Mainz. 

3. Growth & Innovation

Recently we have welcomed very experienced new employees to be able to deal with the extremely high demand of our services.

And of course to become better! 

Due to the numerous projects and the strong growth in the last few months our team has become bigger and bigger.

But not only in terms of employee numbers, also regarding our challenges and tasks we are growing. We are constantly building new connections and partnerships, such as Zalando, Limango or AboutYou to improve our platform distribution.

Check out our Blog: stay up to date with our newest projects and announcements. 💡

4. Leadership

Clear communication as well as a warm and supportive environment leads to a growing confidence of all employees. Our 4 Founders, Sascha, Patrick, Oliver & Thomas motivate the team by letting them be active participants of daily processes.

We call it „dynamic work with a sense of trust“: we don't believe that titles make the job. We work together in extremely flat hierarchies to move forward and manage daily business. Our young and motivated P4-team is surrounded by exciting tasks with a lot of freedom for own ideas and active participation.

5. Comfy workplace

Our modern office in the middle of Mainz is offering a high feel-good factor. As a young company, we have equipped our rooms with the latest standard and highest fashion. Not only in terms of the technology (we need for business), but also in terms of ergonomic office furniture. But that is by far not everything we have to offer: the well-being of employees is our focus and we try every little thing to keep it as high as it is or even improve it.

Our team puts a lot of effort into creating a comfortable workplace, we enjoy decorating for special occasions such as X-Mas. That is a simple and nice way to create great atmosphere and make our daily business even more enjoyable.

Our office is still evolving, with great new gadgets every now and then.

6. Work-life balance

Remote work & home office.
Work at any location 🏝? Flexible working hours and remote work are possible with us! Of course, we think it's great when everyone gets together in the office and shares the workday, but nevertheless, we are convinced that hybrid work models play a major role in employee satisfaction.

Do you want to be part of this amazing team and experience our corporate culture? – JOIN US NOW.

Sascha Coldewey

Sascha has been in the e-commerce industry for over 20 years and therefore knows brands, people and trend movements. "I want to help brands to better understand marketplaces and to be successful in their business."

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