We are a very dedicated, colorful group of creative minds with the drive to break new ground.

The 4 founders
of P4Markets

Patrick Birkicht, Thomas Goetz, Sascha Coldewey, Oliver Feske

More than just marketplaces

The head of the company are our 4 founders Sascha Coldewey, Thomas Goetz, Patrick Birkicht and Oliver Feske. They bring more than 20 years of experience in the industry and have joined forces in 2020 to enable a full distribution for brands with their expertise.

Since then, not a day has passed to put this vision into practice with intellect, strategy, heart and soul.
And let us tell you: the four are on their game, always one step ahead of the challenge and the solution already in the back of their minds. Can't believe it? See for yourself. 

Sascha and Patrick have been in e-commerce since day one and were among the first to set up fashion online shops in Germany.

They are part of the start-up scene of the online marketplace business, so to speak. Coupled with the decade-long expertise in the sales sector of Thomas and Oliver over at P4Marketing, we have now a solid foundation.
So well-founded power is bundled with a broad network from all essential areas from a-z. 

In addition, they have built a strong team: We are a very dedicated, colorful group of creative minds with the drive to break new ground. Our transparent work structures and low hierarchies provide the perfect basis to think new ways and to constantly develop further. Due to the numerous projects and the strong growth in the last few months, our team has become bigger and bigger.

Extensive expertise
for all your needs.

Managed Marketplaces

Product data & media preparation
Multi-Channel Strategy
Marketplace Integration & Management Internationalization
Online Marketing
Brand shops


B2B trade
Brand consulting
Sales management
Brand development
Tradeshow appearance


E-Commerce Consulting
Training / Knowledge / Workshops
Marketplace Integration (Tradebyte)
Omni-Channel Strategy
Online Marketing
Online Shops


B2B & B2C Logistic Services
Inbound & Outbound
Customs regulations
Stock management
Return management

Meet the team,
get yourself a coffee

Sascha Coldewey

Founder / CEO

Thomas Goetz

Founder / CEO

Patrick Birkicht

Founder / COO

Oliver Feske

Founder / CSO

Sophie Wagner

Working Student Content

Dean Christmann


Darya Griesand

Junior Marketplace Managerin

Marvin Braunoehler


Christian Ritter

Application Manager

Hannes Kilz


Jessica Große Glanemann

Merchandise Controllerin

Christoph Wendy

Head of Marketplace

Kerstin Modler

E-Commerce Managerin

Julia Arrom Gamundi

Sourcing Managerin

Jenny Brandes

Data Analyst

Jens Müller


Chiara Jedamski

Working Student Content

Robert Gross

Software Developer

Paulina Bernhöft

Working Student HR


Office Dog

René Kunde

Senior Product Manager

Kristina Steltzner

Marketplace Managerin

Tobias Glagoleff


Charlotte Maxeiner

Social Media Managerin

Leonie Voss

E-Commerce Managerin

Diana Coldewey

Senior Buyer

Krzysztof Majewski

Foreman Logistics

Katharina Messer

Working Student Online Marketing

Patrik Herrscher

Head of IT

Jessica Boyimi

Junior Marketplace Managerin

Walter Süß

Head of Business Development

Christian W. Zahn


Ilayda Sahin

Working Student Accounting

Jens Voss

Application Manager

Sophie Bergmann

Junior Sourcing Managerin

Anika Hannen


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