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As a first step, the customer entrusted us with the pivotal task of revitalizing their presence on the Otto platform, which held immense potential. Our goal was clear: to enhance their sales performance and elevate their live status on Otto. To achieve this, we embarked on a comprehensive channel optimization with Tradebyte, a process that required careful planning, strategic execution and tireless dedication.

In a remarkable turnaround, Cats Collection achieved extraordinary results within just two weeks of strategic collaboration. Key highlights include:

  • Export ratio climbed to 99.78%, showing market readiness.
  • Live ratio reached 97.67%, with most products listed and available.
  • Sellable items increased by 84%, expanding their product range.
  • Product page visits rose by 58%, indicating higher customer engagement.
  • Product data errors reduced by 79%, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • Turnover doubled, demonstrating rapid revenue growth and a successful partnership.

After achieving these remarkable results within a mere two-week timeframe, Cats Collection has placed its full trust in us to take charge of their channel management.

We are ready to exploit the huge potential of Limango, whose customer base is highly interesting for Cats Collection as well. As we dive into this collaboration, our strategic planning is both extensive and painstaking. We are in the process of creating a broad roadmap that is specifically tailored to Cats Collection's unique needs. This roadmap will serve as our strategic guidepost, pointing the way to continued success in the online marketplace world.

Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond just strategy and planning. We are deeply involved in the practical implementation of further integrations, ensuring that Cats Collection's products seamlessly and effectively reach their target audience across multiple platforms. These integrations are designed to expand their market reach.

We also aim to optimize their internal processes, leveraging the lessons and experiences gained from our prior successes in the competitive Otto marketplace. By fine-tuning these internal processes, we are not only enhancing their operational efficiency but also empowering Cats Collection to be more agile and responsive in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

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