„A night to remember“ in Berlin

Yesterday, our Co-founder and CSO Oliver Feske had the pleasure to attend the anniversary celebration of Premium. For 20 years, Premium has been shaping the event scene and trend movements of the fashion world thanks to its exhibitions. What exactly Premium is and what Oliver Feske has to say about the event, you can find out in this blog post.

January 18, 2023



„A night to remember“ in Berlin

Premium International Fashion Trade Show

The Premium International Fashion Trade Show is one of the leading fashion trade shows in Europe, held annually in Berlin. It provides a platform for buyers, manufacturers and designers from around the world to discover the latest trends and developments in the fashion industry. The show presents a wide range of products, from high-fashion designer brands to streetwear and urban labels.

The show is divided into various sections, including Women's Premium, Men's Premium, Denim,Streetwear, Activewear, Accessories and Handmade. Each section features a selection of brands that specialize in a specific product category. There are also a number of pop-up stores and pop-up areas that focus on niche brands and newcomers. 

A highlight of the show is the comprehensive program of lectures, workshops and networking events. Industry experts provide insights into the latest trends and developments in the fashion industry and discuss current topics such as sustainability, innovation, and technology. There are also a number of showrooms and pop-up stores where designers and brands can showcase their latest collections and interact directly with buyers and other industry insiders.

 The show attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year and provides a unique opportunity to discover the latest developments in the fashion industry and explore new products. It is also an excellent opportunity for buyers, manufacturers, and designers to make new business contacts and expand their network. Overall, the Premium International Fashion Trade Show is a must-attend event for anyone involved in or interested in the fashion industry.


“The Group’s PREMIUM, SEEK and CONSCIOUS CLUB events highlight the individual solutions, strategies and best practices for the different fashion stakeholders in order to operate successfully in the market. All eyes are now on Berlin.“ – Premium Berlin

“ A night to remember”- 20 years Premium Fashion Show

Berlin is and remains THE Fashion Metropole of Germany.

The city where diversity, club culture and freedom are lived. For the first time after the pandemic all organizers of the Berlin fashion scene are united again with the support of the Berlin Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Enterprises.

For the celebration of the 20th anniversary, Premium Group invited very important people, designers, brands, and fashion industry giants. The event focused on the right to freedom and the Berlin attitude in an authentic way. The celebration took place in the old Telegraphenamt in Berlin. In a great atmosphere, the current developments of the fashion scene were discussed and it was celebrated until the early morning hours.

P4M in Berlin

Our team has spent great days in Berlin!

Visiting trade fairs is above all a great opportunity to make new contacts.

So thanks to the fair visit we will also be able to expand our portfolio with some great new brands. On the one hand as a buyer for P4Marketing in Düsseldorf as well as for the online marketplace business of P4Markets or even for both as a brand distributor.

With regard to distribution and purchasing in the industry, Premium is an absolute must to follow the trend movements and to get inspired. In the context of the online marketplace business, it is crucial to know the changes in the industry and to respond to the purchasing behavior as well as the wishes of the customers. In 2023, the focus will continue to be on sustainability, but also on topics such as artifial intelligence, new technologies and systems.

I'm very happy that after the last days in Berlin we can expand our portfolio with some new brands and combine our marketing agency P4Marketing and our online distribution of P4Markets even better and bring it to a new level. - Oliver Feske, CSO 

Sascha Coldewey

Sascha has been in the e-commerce industry for over 20 years and therefore knows brands, people and trend movements. "I want to help brands to better understand marketplaces and to be successful in their business."

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