Next level - brand marketing on Zalando!

A major benefit of our collaboration with large online marketplaces comes from the fact that we have the opportunity to link the performance of our brands with the customer experience thanks to online campaigns. 🎥 For example, we put a video from our Modaminx brand on the Zalando Page.

October 28, 2022


Next level - brand marketing on Zalando!

We combine the marketplace appearance with a focus on people and their needs, thus creating an emotional bond. This creates real brand loyalty! 🙌

Especially on Online Marketplaces, performance marketing is the most important tool to achieve marketing results that serve business growth.
One of our biggest priorities: the customer remains king! After all, that's what online marketing has always been about: to reach customers, delight them, and ultimately make their lives easier. 🛍️ 📦 🛒

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