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Brava Fabrics, founded in 2015, is a sustainable clothing brand renowned for its vibrant designs and color palettes. They offer extensive men's and women's collections, introducing over 120 new items each season. Committed to social and environmental responsibility, they partner exclusively with certified organic and recycled material suppliers. As a B-Corp certified company, Brava Fabrics prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices. Their dynamic approach includes collaborations with artists and top brands, supported by a robust multichannel strategy.

Key Figures

> 100

Customers in DE & AT


Agencies of Distribution

+ 41%

Revenue on average

The Beginnings

Our collaboration with Brava began in January 2020. Initially, we had only a few customers in Germany and Austria, but we steadily expanded and developed this distribution territory. With the support of agencies, we extended our network nationwide across all federal states, resulting in substantial sales growth.

A crucial factor for Brava is that they placed a lot of trust in P4M and entrusted us with expanding their operations. Why did they do this?

"We decided to work with P4M due to their strong presence in multi-brand distribution in Germany and their interesting and diverse portfolio of brands." - Clara Guarro Serrahima

Brava is a sustainable brand that places significant emphasis on social and environmental responsibility. They collaborate exclusively with certified suppliers of organic and recycled materials and hold B-Corp certification, prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices. This meets the growing demand in the German textile market, where sustainable production and materials are increasingly valued.

Additionally, Brava integrates well-known motives into their collections through licensing agreements with for example Peanuts or Kodak. These collaborations resonate well with customers and seamlessly complement the brand's otherwise classic yet mediterranean and fresh styles.

Partnering with P4M has notably enhanced Brava's visibility. In particular through participating in major trade shows across Germany and parts of Europe. Previously organizing these events themselves, Brava now benefits from our wholesale agency's comprehensive service, managing everything from logistics and booking to booth setup and exhibitor participation. This partnership has significantly boosted Brava's presence in select sustainable retail stores.

The Story

Success Statement

"As a Sales Manager at Brava, I can say that the dedication and support I receive from the P4M team are unparalleled. They are a complementary team that truly cares about and embodies our brand ethos. This commitment is reflected in the results. It's always a pleasure to discuss strategies, distribution opportunities, and gather feedback on our collections because their input is invaluable for our continuous improvement and growth in the wholesale business. I would highly recommend any brand to partner with P4M in Germany!" - Brava Fabrics

The Results

With its mediterranean and fresh look, Brava has quickly gained praise and is a great addition to our clients' brand portfolios. Brava is now an established name in the sustainable market, known for its quality and innovation.

An ongoing goal is to retain relevant customers in order to ensure continuous growth and strong customer relationships.

Brava Fabrics aims to further expand their collaboration with us in Germany and explore new distribution opportunities together. Further growth could be achieved through the implementation of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy, including marketplaces. These initiatives would not only strengthen market presence but also reach new target groups and expand the reach of our products.

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