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Exclusive Collaboration: P4M x Victoria Hyde

We are excited to announce an exclusive partnership between our Wholesale Team and the new and emerging brand from London, Victoria Hyde. This collaboration marks a significant step into the world of brick-and-mortar retail and offers a unique opportunity to bring Victoria Hyde's stylish and functional bags to a wider audience.

Victoria Hyde - Bags from London

Victoria Hyde is a young, innovative brand from London specializing in high-quality bags. The bags from Victoria Hyde are not only distinguished by their stylish design but also by their functional interior. With a special patent on the interior layout, you can keep your belongings perfectly organized. Whether it's a phone pocket, key holder, or other practical compartments, Victoria Hyde bags ensure that everything is within reach and well-organized.

Our Role in Distribution

As the exclusive distributor for Victoria Hyde, we are venturing into new territory together. This is the first time the brand is engaging in wholesale. To facilitate their entry into brick-and-mortar retail, we have closely collaborated with Victoria Hyde to create comprehensive lookbooks and linesheets that showcase the entire collection to retailers at a glance. Another crucial aspect of our collaboration was the creation of masterdata for Victoria Hyde. This includes all the necessary product information required for sales and presentation in retail. The exclusive launch of Victoria Hyde in brick-and-mortar retail will take place solely in collaboration with us. This allows us to strategically position the brand and optimally showcase its unique products. Our goal is to establish Victoria Hyde as a permanent fixture in the market and to make the brand synonymous with stylish, functional, and high-quality bags from London.

The exclusive collaboration between Victoria Hyde and our distribution company is an exciting and promising project. With innovative bags that impress with their patented interior and thoughtful organization, Victoria Hyde is sure to quickly win over customers. We look forward to embarking on this journey together and successfully establishing the Victoria Hyde brand in brick-and-mortar retail.

We are eager to see the future of this exclusive partnership and how Victoria Hyde will revolutionize the bag market. Join us and discover the unique bags from London!

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