During its 12 year course, Sugarfree has set new standards and established a new image for the modern woman. Always following the latest fashion trends and styles, it has created standalone stores that combine fashion, seasonality, a wide variety of products and colors, quality, service and excellent prices. Sugarfree aims to be the top preference of female costumers.

At this moment Sugarfree has 40 stores around Europe. It is known for its 'sporty-chic' aesthetic and especially for the unique velour and terry tracksuits. The collections have been enriched with modern all-day pieces, inspired by the latest fashion trends, combining comfort and style.

Sugarfree offers a wide range of products including women's clothes, velour and terry tracksuits, underwear, swimsuits, beachwear, selected accessories and kidswear. Since Fall-Winter, a new fitness line has been introduced, the Work It Out collection, addressed to women who want to be in fashion even at the gym. Leggings, t-shirts, crop tops, sport bras in brightcolors and prints, are the must-have items for every season. The key points of Sugarfree are the unique design, excellent quality and the affordable prices, establishing our brand in Greek and International market.

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