Orsay is a fashion label with a long tradition. The brand was founded in 1975 and at its peak had 740 branches worldwide, 197 of which were in Germany.

Orsay's fashion is timeless, elegant, and feminine. Orsay shaped the fashion and image of the cities in the early 2000s. Despite the long tradition, the brand stands for trend awareness.

Since the market is increasingly moving towards e-commerce at the marketplace level, it is more than clever and opportune to expand brick-and-mortar retail with the marketplace business. Orsay missed this development. For this reason, Orsay had problems in retail, because of the Corona Pandemic, so that all German branches closed in summer 2022.

That's where we come on board. In a very short time (just 6 weeks) we managed, in cooperation with SCAYLE, to put Orsay's entire online range on the marketplaces e.g. About You and Zalando. To be more specific, we have successfully presented the entire Orsay merchandise internationally online within a very short period of time! Within a few weeks, we managed to set up the entire logistics and manage it for sale on online marketplaces. We are proud of the good and productive cooperation with Orsay and look forward to further exciting projects.

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