Bamboo basics


Bamboo Basics - our brand for sustainable underwear and socks made from bamboo viscose, organic cotton and recycled materials for the whole family.

In addition to sustainable materials, Bamboo Basics also stands for socially responsible production. Bamboo Basics is OEKO-TEX 100 certified and only works with suppliers who have signed its code of conduct. Safety of the working environment, payment of a fair wage, no child labor, freedom of association and hygiene monitoring are the most important components here.

The bamboo used for production comes from China, where it is also processed directly into the finished product. Local employees in local offices directly monitor compliance with the code of conduct.

The advantages of bamboo clothing:

Bamboo underwear feels silky soft;
has a perfect fit;
Bamboo textiles are antiperspirant;
Bamboo clothing offers thermal comfort and UV protection;
Bamboo clothing absorbs a lot of moisture and masks unpleasant odors;
and the use of bamboo is environmentally friendly! Bamboo does not need artificial irrigation, pesticides or insecticides and absorbs 35% more CO2.

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