Neckermann is an online marketplace where you can find a wide range of products like clothes, furniture, electronics, and things for your home. It's known for offering lots of choices, good prices, and fast delivery. Neckermann also makes sure customers are happy with great customer service and easy returns. You can pay in different ways, like with an invoice, in installments, or with a credit card. Because it has so many things to choose from and it's easy to use, Neckermann is a popular choice for people in Germany.

Neckermann first went online in 1997, making it one of the first mail-order companies to do so. This laid the foundation for neckermann.at. Since 1994, we've been continuing the story here in Graz. Originally started by Kastner & Öhler, the oldest Austrian department store chain, and continued by Neckermann Germany, one of the leading mail-order companies in Europe.


You want to sell on the Neckermann marketplace? Feel free to contact us! Our services range from marketplace integration, consulting and fulfillment to classic distribution.
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