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Managed Marketplaces.

You want to be present on all important online marketplaces, but you don't have the capacity or the knowledge to connect successfully?

Congrats you found the right partner in us! We are happy to take care of your brand by including it into our own system landscape.

The way onto marketplaces is not easy, but with our expertise you get a successful performance the easy way. We create custom made solutions in order to find the perfect platforms for you and your business. We place your products on the best marketplaces to increase visibility & sales.

Knowledge is Power.

Project Management

Where do you stand? Where do you want to go and what do you need to get there? Let's paint a roadmap together.

Brand consulting
Brand development
tradeshow appearance


Pick & Pack in the right way!
Are you overwhelmed by the many different logistics channels? We know our way around merchandise management systems and ERP software.Our cooperation partners are strong, our implementation concepts even stronger.

Marketplace Business

Open or closed marketplaces? When does a multi-channel strategy make sense? Which marketing measures need to be implemented? Together we will develop structures and processes for your successful online marketplace integration.

Marketplace integration vs. online store

No matter which way you want to go, we will go it with you!
Let us help you to choose the right system for you and to make the integration for the marketplaces as easy as possible. Europe-wide or international - your choice!

About You
About You

connection to the marketplace

Our Job is to take care of the listing, mapping and integration of your products for the online marketplaces and ensure that all content requirements for your products are implemented. From data, media and text preparation to performance marketing on the platforms, you can count on us as a consistent partner.

About You

marketplace / multi-channel strategy

Which channels are the right ones? Which articles perform well on which platforms and why? Together we develop the optimal strategy for your online marketplace presence on all channels.

About You

marketplace integration & management

Using Tradebyte, the leading fashion & lifestyle integrator in Europe, for the integration of your brand you will get the best possible outcome. In addition, our data team also consists of Tradebyte experts and is very familiar with the integration on the different platforms.


You don't just want to sell in the DACH region, but across Europe and in the UK? We bring years of experience in connectivity within Europe and even from the UK to Europe or the other way around. We negotiate the contracts for you, take care of the customs clearance and brand release, support and offer you a long term care including knowledge transfer.

Connection to the Marketplaces

Handling the listing, mapping, and integration of your products for online marketplaces is our responsibility. We guarantee the implementation of all content requirements. From preparing data, media and text to executing performance marketing on the platforms, you can rely on us as a reliable aggregator.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Curious about the best channels for your brand? Wondering why certain products shine on specific platforms? You're in luck! Our tools and systems hold the key to these answers. Your online marketplace strategy across all channels is our expertise, ensuring optimal performance every step of the way.

Integration & Management

We're constantly bringing in new marketplaces and swiftly adjusting to the latest trends, all to guarantee your strongest online marketplace presence. Every project allows us to efficiently prepare your data for each marketplace in our lineup. Plus, we handle all the behind-the-scenes management, taking care of every single detail. It's a hands-free experience for you!


Looking to expand your sales beyond DACH and across Europe, the UK, or even globally? Our extensive experience in connectivity both within and outside Europe ensures we have a strong presence everywhere that matters. As part of our managed marketplace service, we continuously add your products to the latest platforms, ensuring your growth and relevance.

"P4Markets is an amazing strategic partner for us and our launch on different marketplaces. They make our vision tangible and put us online almost over night.“ 

Jochen Smuda



"P4Markets have been pivotal in our European expansion. They are experts in their field and are a pleasure to work with."

Pranav Shah

Sales Manager


"It is a real pleasure to work with P4Markets. Their dedication, commitment, and professionalism to develop the online marketplace in Europe has been beneficial for both parties."

Petros Lympertas

International Sales Manager

Mexx Fasion

"P4Markets is a reliable and competent partner that enabled us to enter the platform business easily and particularly quickly. Remarkable are the direct and solution-oriented exchange as well as the extraordinary helpfulness with concerns of all kinds.
The entire process to achieve our project goal was thus optimally and transparently supported."

Martin Hautzel



More Questions?

What kind of brands will we take on board?

Our core competence are fashion and lifestyle brands. However – there are no boarders as long as brands are ethically and morally defensible.

What platforms do we approach?

We cooperate with the top notch marketplaces. International and local. Zalando - About You - Breuninger - Afound - Otto - Van Graaf - Decathlon - My Toys - Amazon - Babymarkt - and many more.

Which countries do serve?  

Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Belgium - Czech Republic - Denmark - Finland - France - Italy - Netherlands - Poland - Spain - Sweden - Slovakia - Slovenia - Croatia - Latvia - Lithuania - Estonia - Ireland.

How long is the onboarding process?

It´s all about data. In a perfect world it takes around 2 weeks.

How does the billing process work?

Easy does it – we receive an invoice – you get paid. No hidden costs.

Let's talk! 

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