At P4M Consulting, we specialize in optimizing our clients' product data on online marketplaces through our Consulting & Managed Services. Our goal is to enhance the visibility and relevance of their products, thereby boosting their success.

We are thrilled that ARMEDANGELS has utilized our consulting services to elevate their presence on Zalando. Our consultants, have implemented the following measures:

  1. Employee Training: We focused on training the ARMEDANGELS team to improve their understanding and management of product data in Tradebyte and z-Direct. This enhanced their efficiency and proficiency with the systems.
  2. Product Placement Optimization: Through strategic efforts, we optimized the placement of products, significantly increasing their visibility and relevance on Zalando.
  3. Improvement of Product Data Flow: We established efficient processes for managing and updating product data, ensuring a smooth and consistent data flow.
  4. Optimization of Product Data Onboarding: By implementing a streamlined onboarding process for new products, we increased the live rate while simultaneously reducing the time-to-online.

As a result of these measures, ARMEDANGELS has significantly improved their market presence on Zalando, leading to increased visibility and relevance of their products.

Our next step is to utilize our expertise to optimize ARMEDANGELS' presence on About You. Our focus will again be on enhancing product data, increasing visibility, and further strengthening the ARMEDANGELS brand.

We thank ARMEDANGELS, especially Viktoria, for their trust in us and look forward to continued successful collaboration.

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