P4Markets x limango

The merry-go-round continues to spin.

April 6, 2022



P4Markets x limango

We are expanding our portfolio with another mega marketplace player - limango.
First, a few details about our new platform partner:
The limango marketplace is a shopping platform in the limango shop.
Limango is the platform for fa,ily shopping in Europe - over 1.9 million active customers regularly shop in the sales promotions, in the shop, or in the marketplace.
Over 3.000 brand partnerships and more than six million parcels shipped per year
- limango has a lot to offer!
This growth and potential is a perfect fit for us because we are also planning and implementing big house numbers. For about three years now, limango has also been selling items from partners (like us) in the open shop on limango.de, which are permanently available and complement the range in all family-relevant categories. With this marketplace strategy, limango is expanding its range and further strengthening its position as the number 1 platform for young families. Good for us, our brands, for limango itself and of course for the end customers. We are happy to be able to operate on this super-established and professional platform.

We are happy to operate on this super-established and professional platform.
At this point, our software partner Tradebyte is again a great help to us.
Tradebyte creates the connection to the limango platform because of a fully integrated interface.
Via the SaaS solution TB.One, we can optimally present our products on the channel.
The interactions between our marketplace team (good job @ChristophWendy),
the super-competent limango employees and Tradebyte as the third team player have worked out great right from the start.
Special thanks to the top support from Christian Kellerband a huge thank you to the smooth integration by Julia Dopfer!

We are looking forward to a successful future together.

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